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Seattle Colleges District Map

The Seattle Colleges serve all of metropolitan Seattle and its surrounding communities, with more than 50,000 students each year at three comprehensive college campuses, a vocational institute, and specialized training centers throughout the Seattle area. All three colleges offer college transfer programs; they offer over 100 professional/technical programs ranging from one to seven quarters in length, plus two bachelor’s degree programs. All programs have full accreditation.

1701 Broadway   Seattle, WA 98122-9905
Seattle Central College

At its urban campus on Capitol Hill, Central offers professional/technical programs in the areas of culinary arts, graphic design, photography, health care, IT and others. Central’s satellite campuses teach wood construction and maritime programs. Central also offers a four-year BAS degree in Applied Behavioral Science.

Specialized Training Centers
9600 College Way North   Seattle, WA 98103-3599
North Seattle College

In a residential area near Northgate, North includes an extensive distance-learning program, as well as on-campus professional/technical career training. Programs include extensive offerings in the health care field, business, electronics, HVAC, nanotechnology, real estate and more.

Specialized Training Centers

6000 16th Avenue SW   Seattle, WA 98106-1499
South Seattle College

Located in a residential area of West Seattle, South has many programs in the professional/technical field, including automotive, aviation, culinary arts, health care, horticulture, and more. It also offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. The nearby Georgetown Campus is a leader in green and sustainable training programs in utilities, building, energy audit and other areas.

2120 S. Jackson   Seattle, WA 98144
Seattle Vocational Institute

A division of Seattle Central Community College, SVI teaches basic skills and provides short-term workforce training that leads primarily to entry-level jobs. It offers professional/technical programs in business computers and applications, cosmetology, health care and pre-apprenticeship training in multiple trades.