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The Student Portal website is designed to give students a convenient and mobile-friendly way to access important information such as the class schedule, important dates, and deadlines.

By having all of this information in one place, it will be easier for students to search and register for courses and, ultimately, navigate their educational pathway.

The portal will provide students with a single login for all student online applications, as well as the ability to automatically retrieve student identification numbers (SID).

The portal has three main sections:

  • Class Schedule
  • MyClasses
  • MyCentral | MyNorth | MySouth

Other features in the portal include:

  • From the MyClasses page, students can view classes they've registered for, classes for which they are waitlisted, and their completed and approved Education Plan.
  • The ability to save classes to a Favorites folder, similar to putting items in an online shopping cart. Once a student's registration appointment time is met, the student can register directly from the Favorites folder.
  • Critical registration messages such as Registration Appointment Time, Tuition Due Date, and Tuition Amount will also be displayed to the logged-in user.

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