Role of the Search Committee

The Search Committee's role includes developing the position description, providing assistance in identifying and encouraging candidates to apply for the position, reviewing applicant materials, and selecting semi-final candidates. The committee will also develop semi-final candidate interview questions, interview the candidates, and recommend an unranked list of final candidates to the chancellor. The chair of the Search Committee will work with the Chancellor's Office to schedule finalists' visits to campus. The chancellor has hiring authority for the position, and negotiates the successful candidate's employment contract.

Search Committee Composition

The Search Committee is composed of individuals representing college faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as the students and external communities served by the college. Considerable effort has been made to ensure that the Search Committee accurately reflects the demographics of the college community.

What will the Search Committee do to ensure a diverse candidate pool?

The Seattle College District is committed to identifying a diverse pool of candidates that reflects our multi-racial, multi-ethnic community, the college's commitment to the value of diversity, and the pluralistic democracy that serves as the foundation for the district.

Where is the position being advertised?

The position is being advertised in a number of venues nationally, regionally, and locally in order to reach and attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants.

How does someone apply for the position?

The position is open until filled. First consideration will be given to applications received by 11:59 p.m. (PST) on February 16, 2018. Refer to How to Apply for the directions on applying for the position.

How confidential is the process?

This is a confidential search process. Confidentiality ensures the integrity of the search and provides the greatest flexibility in attracting the widest range of qualified candidates for the position. Only when a candidate has accepted an invitation to be a finalist will his/her identity be made public.

The work of the Search Committee is also confidential and Search Committee members will not be able to share details of their meetings and discussions, but will respectfully refer you to this website. Please refer to the Confidentiality section of this site.

How will we know how the search is progressing?

The Timeline section of this site provides the important dates for the search process. Any changes to the timeline will be posted in that section. The District Human Resources Office will inform candidates of the status of their application as the search progresses.

Please direct all inquiries to Mikala Mikolaski,, (206) 934-5428.

What opportunities will there be for the college community to provide feedback on final candidates?

Finalists will interview with the chancellor and his cabinet, and will spend one day on campus. While on campus, finalists will meet with various constituent groups and in a public forum setting. Feedback forms will be available in these meetings, and this feedback will be forwarded directly to the chancellor to inform his final decision.

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