Moving to a greener tomorrow

If you are interested in serving on Seattle Central's Sustainability Council, please fill out this application and return it to

Sustainability Council

Seattle Central recently established its Sustainability Council in fall 2016.

"We the Students, Faculty, and Staff of Seattle Central College, to further social, economic, and environmental sustainability, which will in turn promote educational excellence in a multicultural urban environment, foster the enrichment of our internal community, increase community engagement and support for the college, and develop and sustain facilities that support a learning and working environment, do ordain and establish the Seattle Central College Sustainability Council." 

The Council, on behalf of the college community, shall advise the President on sustainability matters vital to the mission and goals of Seattle Central. Its functions shall be to:

  • Educate the college community on sustainability issues and goals set forth through this Council and the District Sustainability Committee 
  • Create sustainability initiatives and projects to be considered for adoption or implementation by the college
  • Endorse spending for sustainability-related projects and initiatives
  • Advise other committees on sustainability best practices and share findings with the greater Seattle Colleges district


Student Built Passive House

Another exciting student project at Seattle Central Community College is found at the Wood Construction Center. Program students are building a small passive house in South Seattle. Passive houses follow a European concept of building that is a model of a high performance, energy efficient home.

To learn more about the Wood Construction Center and Passive Houses

Contact: Frank Mestemacher at - 206.934.2970

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