Moving to a greener tomorrow

In the Spring of 2009 the Seattle Community Colleges convened the Chancellor’s Sustainability Initiative Leadership Team from the three colleges to oversee and plan efforts to enhance sustainability in operations and instruction. The Leadership Team sits on the District Sustainability Committee and with the help of the District Sustainability Coordinator helps guide and oversee sustainability planning and implementation at the Seattle Community Colleges.

Recently, the Sustainability Committee and the Sustainability Coordinator have worked to perform STARS sustainability assessments of each of the Seattle Community Colleges. Information from the STARS assessments results will be used to create a District Sustainability Plan that will serve as a guiding document to ensure the Seattle Colleges are a regional leader in college sustainability.

District Sustainability Committee Members:

Adam Maurer (chair); District Sustainability Coordinator, Seattle Colleges

Tim Albertson; Sustainability Coordinator, North Seattle College

Julia Buchans; Program Specialist 2/Information Central, Seattle Central College 

Kurt Buttleman; Vice Chancellor of Finance and Technology, Seattle Colleges 

Jeff Caulk; Interim Director of Facilities, North Seattle College

Christa Colouzis; Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, South Seattle College

Chuck Davis; Facilities and Operations Director, Seattle Central College

Victoria Hardy; Lead Faculty for Sustainable Building Science and Technology BAS, South Seattle College 

Andrea Johnson; Vice President of Administrative Services, North Seattle College

Jeff Keever; Director of Auxiliary Services, Seattle Central College

Katherine Kehrli; Associate Dean of Culinary Academy

Victor Kuo; Director of Research and Strategic Planning at Seattle Colleges

Wendy Rockhill; Dean of Science and Mathematics, Seattle Central College

Eric Steen; Director of Facilities and Plant Operations, South Seattle College

Christoph Strouse; student, North Seattle College

Odessa Woodlee; Custodial, Ground, and Recycling Manager, South Seattle College

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