Moving to a greener tomorrow

Curriculum: Energy Efficiency

At South Seattle's Georgetown Campus the Energy Audit course provides classroom instruction and hands-on work in the field to prepare students for national certification (Building Performance Institute and Energy Star.) This nine-credit course covers conservation measures and analysis techniques, conservation technologies, indoor air quality, energy auditing software and reporting, and the effects of improvements on total building performance. We are already in the process of expanding the energy auditing program into commercial and multi-family applications is under way.

At North Seattle the Sustainable & Conventional Energy & Control Technology program offers training/retraining to help individuals gear up for work with complex electrical and electronic systems. The program emphasizes alternative, renewable and sustainable energy systems and gives students hands-on experience in the state-of-the-art Industrial Power lab.


For Seattle Community Colleges training programs associated with energy efficiency not only encompass those associated with building trades but also include occupations that support projects and practices that increase energy efficiency. These include technician training in various areas such as energy auditing.

North Seattle
Sustainable and Conventional Energy and Control Technology
HVAC Service 

South Seattle (see also information about the Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center)
Electric Vehicle
Energy Auditing
Conservation & Weatherization
Building Sustainability Managers

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