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Curriculum: Clean Technology

Nanotechnology has the potential to make a big impact on sustainability, producing products that provide solutions to environmental problems while minimizing the impact on existing resources. North Seattle Community College is at the center of training in the nanotechnology field, as the first college in the region to offer a 2-year Associate of Applied Science degree in nanotechnology and now a certificate. North is preparing the next generation of scientists and technicians through ground-breaking college courses in this critically important field.

The Engineering Technology program at South Seattle Community College provides students with a solid background in mathematics, physics and applied engineering, as well as skills in problem solving and creative thinking, technical communications and leadership: tools to build the technologies for a more sustainable future.


Seattle Community Colleges programs associated with clean technology provide training in areas associated with industries and occupations that reduce or eliminate negative environmental impact, improve productivity in industrial processes, and consider the responsibility use of natural resources.

North Seattle

South Seattle
Engineering Technology

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