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Residency Status/Tuition

To qualify for in-state (resident) tuition, applicants may be eligible by establishing residency in the state of Washington, or under some circumstances, may qualify for in-state tuition fees without establishing residency.

Residents – U.S. Citizens
Typically, applicants must:

  1. have lived in Washington state for reasons other than educational purposes for one full year immediately prior to the first day of the quarter, or;
  2. Be a financially dependent student, one or both of whose parents or legal guardians have maintained a domicile in the state of Washington for one full year immediately prior to the first day of the quarter. Proof of residency may include, but not be limited to: driver’s license or official identification card; vehicle registration, voter registration and proof of residence.

You may qualify for in-state tuition fees with establishing residency if you:

  1. hold a graduate service appointment;
  2. reside in the state of Washington and are an employee, or the dependent child of an employee, not less than half-time with a state institution;
  3. are on active military duty;
  4. are an immigrant refugee or the spouse or dependent child of an immigrant refugee; or
  5. are a dependent of a Congressional member representing the state of Washington.

There may be additional legal requirements to qualify for these exemptions.

Residents – Non-U.S. Citizens
Effective July 1, 2003, Washington state law made certain students who are not permanent residents in the United States eligible for resident tuition. To qualify for resident status, you must complete an affidavit form if you a are not permanent resident or citizen of the U.S., but have met one of the following conditions:

  1. Resided in Washington state for three years immediately prior to receiving a high school diploma, completed the full senior year at a Washington high school, and continuously resided in the state since earning the high school diploma; or
  2. Completed the equivalent of a high school diploma (GED), resided in Washington state for the three years immediately before receiving the equivalent of the diploma, and continuously resided in the state since earning the equivalent of a high school diploma.

If you meet one of the above conditions you must certify that you file an application to become a permanent resident of the U.S. as soon as you are eligible to apply, and that you are willing to engage in activities designed to prepare for citizenship, including citizenship and civics review courses.

If you have a change in your residency status, complete the Residence Questionnaire Form. To submit forms, or for more information concerning eligibility for resident tuition, contact the Registration Office of your home college:

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